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On-on-One Coaching

ENHANCE YOUR IMAGE Training Consultancy provides seminars to fit your needs.

Learn Appearance, Behaviour and Communication.

Projecting a winning image to create a powerful first impression

Carol is a Certified Image Consultant

She is also a member of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI).

Corporate Image workshops sharpen people skills

develop inner substance, and create competitive edge specific to the different career and business fields.



It’s a Trailblazing Tuesday! 🥅 No matter what generation or personality type we’re selling to, there are certain best practices & great characteristics to cultivate. Sharing some B’s along the way: 1) BE CONFIDENT! If we don’t believe in our product or services, how can we make customers do the same? Be the 🗝 for […]

Appreciating Resistance Training

Appreciating Resistance Training

Who among you appreciates the benefits we get from RESISTANCE TRAINING? By definition, this is also called STRENGTH TRAINING or WEIGHT TRAINING 🏋‍♂️🏋‍♀️ – the use of resistance to muscular contraction to build strength, stamina & tone our muscles. I began doing this from the age of 18, starting off at the point of being […]

3 P’s For Success

3 P’s For Success

It’s a Trailblazing Tuesday! I agree with these 3 P’s FOR SUCCESS. Sharing additional thoughts: 1) PATIENCE: Facing & overcoming challenges at work builds our endurance and confidence, plus the satisfaction for actual accomplishments help us to stay motivated 2) PERSISTENCE: To stay in the course of action.. without this, no matter what skills or […]

Masterclass on Telephone & Email Etiquet

Masterclass on Telephone & Email Etiquette

It’s a Thriving Thursday! INTERACTIVE WEBINAR WITH ANSWERS FROM PARTICIPANTS: The foremost advantage of doing a live webinar is evidenced by these..and more! We are blessed for today’s attendees who came from different departments & representing various industries. We have seen them highly focused on video, un-mute & voice out their opinions & thoughts, and […]

Telephone & Email Etiquette

Telephone & Email Etiquette

Featuring Licensed IITTI Master Instructor – MS. CAROLINA TAN, AICI C IP June 01 I 2:00 – 5:00 PM How do you represent yourself & your business to customers superbly via telephone communication & email etiquette? How do you seal your greeting, tone of voice, choice of words & close a call that ends positively […]



SOCIAL AND BUSINESS PROTOCOLS April 26, 2023 | 2:00pm –  5:00pm Featuring:  Ms. Carolina D. Tan Licensed IITTI Master Trainer PROGRAM OVERVIEW Would you like to create lasting impressions and build lifelong relationships that establish trust & reliance? Would you like to initiate a mutually respectful atmosphere, improve communication at the workplace and advance your […]

PDIM Pilot Run: Attendees Earning Their ...

PDIM Pilot Run: Attendees Earning Their Soft Skills Credentials

The 3-Hour public webinar had 9 Learning Outcomes covered. Transitioning Participants From MEDIOCRE TO MAGNIFICENT: With permission to share from yesterday’s attendees..Their “3 Personal Game Plans” 👏 “PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT & IMAGE MANAGEMENT”: Congratulations Powermax Consulting Group, Inc.! Cheers to our wonderful batch of participants for appreciating the value of continuous learning and upskilling 😀 The […]