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Wearing A Plaid Dress

HOW DO YOU WEAR PLAIDS? This wool fabric with lining underneath is great to be worn in a number of ways – with tights & ankle boots for autumn to winter weather; with a colored blazer for the office; without hosiery & with flat open-toed sandals for a casual stroll. Today for a put-together look, […]

Paisley Long Blouse

With a multi-colored busy print such as this, it helps to keep the rest plain & simple. I’m wearing it today over fitted black leggings with lace trimming synced with a white wide elastic belt and the bohemian style slip-on sandals for footwear. Finally the ethnic bangle, y-necklace & plastic sunglasses complete as accessories. How […]


FEATURING A STRAPPY GOLD WEDGE, GOLD GEOMETRIC BANGLE & AVIATOR SHADES. For my casual Friday here, comfortable with this blue-violet scooped neckline top paired with the navy blue khaki A-line skirt. The brown belt, necklace & red scarf adds as accent pieces. Ideal for an errands day to the bank, newspaper publication & visiting a […]


To boost my energy level today, chose to wear this one. Having an inside lining always makes an outfit easily wearable. Black tights & leather ankle boots help put it together. Finally as accessories – the wide black belt, cable bangle watch, silver necklace & animal print tote bag make a distinct statement all their […]

Selective With Shoes

STOCK ON YOUR STAPLES: STOCK ON YOUR STAPLES. Every individual has footwear preferences – from design, color, comfort, structure, appearance & wearability function. DO NOT ever be caught with scruffy or worn out shoes or heels in need of repair. These will give out the message one is careless with appearance. People do look at […]


FRIDAY FAVOURITE: WEARING ANIMAL PRINT! This is my TUBE MAXI DRESS. Outfitting with this today is a no-brainer being a long one-piece dress. The sequinned bolero & bejewelled pewter color open thong sandals spells casual comfort. To add color with the accessories, the gold metallic belt, yellow flat shell beaded necklace & earrings spiced up […]