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Belief & Self-Image

Some timely questions to ask ourselves: 1) WHO am I today? 2) WHAT have I been doing to improve? 3) WHY is personal growth important? Private Coaching. Corporate Training. Online Learning. CONTACT US at +63-917-8549887 or email I Stand Out & Shine! #CertifiedImageProfessional #AssociationOfImageConsultantsInternational #AICIPhilippineChapter #InternationalSoftSkillsStandardsAndTesting #LicensedIITTIMasterInstructor #EnhanceYourImageTrainingConsultancy

Enhancing Work Attitude In The New Reali...

E͟N͟H͟A͟N͟C͟I͟N͟G͟ ͟W͟O͟R͟K͟ ͟A͟T͟T͟I͟T͟U͟D͟E͟ ͟I͟N͟ ͟T͟H͟E͟ ͟N͟E͟W͟ ͟R͟E͟A͟L͟I͟T͟Y͟August 07, 2020 In this pandemic, your employees’ attitude will significantly affect your company’s survival and success. It is not uncommon during this trying period for anxiety and negativity to affect the staff resulting in poor sales performance, below-par quality of work, lower productivity, disengaged personnel, and a high […]

Motivation Monday By MBN

“Manage your time well. Keep to a schedule and when you designate a certain number of hours for work, do it and not lose heart.” An aspiring message from one of our Top Broker, Ms. Carolina D. Tan to those who inspire to be on top. MondayMotivate #MegaworldBrokersNetwork #MegaworldNewReality #MegaworldCorporation#BounceBackPH

ADULT Image Enhancement Program

CONGRATULATIONS to our valued client who stepped up and elevated global soft skills training to be easily available & within reach. How? Through our commitment of live #OnlineClasses of Two (2) Hours per session. Today our trainings are no longer limited by time or geographical boundaries. Cheers to F.I.G. President & CEO Ms. Ruby Pacis […]