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Princess Cut Dress

PRINCESS CUT DRESS: This describes a woman’s fitted dress cut in long panels without a horizontal separation at the waist. Today’s navy blue dress also has short sleeves & a neckline that resembles a curved halter. The detachable belt is a cool addition for figure definition. Easy go-to-choice as it’s flattering to the body with […]


COLOR VITAMINS: ON BLACK. Color black is the absorption of all color and the absence of light. It is associated with power, control and strong will. People who gravitate towards this color may be conventional, serious while at the same time being dignified & sophisticated. It hides & covers figure flaws & imperfections, including feelings […]

Dress In Color Block

This is one hot trend for spring. What is it? It’s a block of solid colors worn together, or a method of wearing multiple solid colors in an outfit. Doing so will create the illusion of accentuating body shapes, easily making one look taller & thinner. Today’s purple & maroon sleeveless dress is one bright […]

High-Low Hem Dress

This is one modern characteristic of 21st century fashion where anything goes. Longer in the back & shorter in front, we see this style in dresses, blouses & even skirts. Today’s sleeveless cotton denim high-low dress though simple in design exudes a feminine vibe & makes a head-turning statement, sexy yet modest. The metallic draping […]

Casual Comfort

This outfit concept emphasizes personal expression and not formality or conformity. I’m in my relaxed element today going thru doctor’s appointment, errands & other must-do’s. A printed blouse secured with fine straps with an open back style, dark blue jeans that softly flares at the bottom..together with a basic white shawl that spells clean element […]

Wearing An A-LINE Blouse

A-LINE BLOUSE: A loose-fitting top with a flared bottom. This style compliments the triangular figure. Today’s casual get-up happens to have a fine beaded upper design & an asymmetric cut to the lower portion. I chose to pair it with skinny jeans & a comfortable two-toned platform sandals. The cream shawl, black y-necklace, pearl earrings […]

Summer Romper Shorts

SUMMER ROMPER SHORTS: Do you know that this originated in the Victorian era allowing children to play with mobility & ease? Today’s one-piece garment has shorts as an attached bottom, with a cinched waist & loose sleeved top. At times a skirt bottom is also available. This is a great alternative to a summer dress […]

Contemporary Shift Dress

This is a short dress that lacks detailed shaping. It’s an ideal piece to have in every woman’s closet as it fits many body types. Do you know that the traditional type was made popular by fashion icons Audrey Hepburn & Jacqueline Kennedy in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s? Today’s dress I’m wearing has […]