COLOR VITAMINS: ON BLACK. Color black is the absorption of all color and the absence of light. It is associated with power, control and strong will. People who gravitate towards this color may be conventional, serious while at the same time being dignified & sophisticated.

It hides & covers figure flaws & imperfections, including feelings of uncertainty and vulnerability. An every woman’s staple must-have is the LBD. I’m adding another one: Today’s BLACK SCOOP NECKLINE SLEEVELESS JUMPSUIT is another no-brainer favorite. It’s simple button-down design has the magnetic buttons literally hidden from sight.

To avoid the negative connotations of color black being depressed, sad or pessimistic – remember to spice it up with add-ons. Brightening up using the gold shawl as a belt, plus native shell layered necklace & the chunky print heels completes. How Do I Look?