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It’s a Trailblazing Tuesday! 🥅 No matter what generation or personality type we’re selling to, there are certain best practices & great characteristics to cultivate. Sharing some B’s along the way: 1) BE CONFIDENT! If we don’t believe in our product or services, how can we make customers do the same? Be the 🗝 for […]

Appreciating Resistance Training

Who among you appreciates the benefits we get from RESISTANCE TRAINING? By definition, this is also called STRENGTH TRAINING or WEIGHT TRAINING 🏋‍♂️🏋‍♀️ – the use of resistance to muscular contraction to build strength, stamina & tone our muscles. I began doing this from the age of 18, starting off at the point of being […]

3 P’s For Success

It’s a Trailblazing Tuesday! I agree with these 3 P’s FOR SUCCESS. Sharing additional thoughts: 1) PATIENCE: Facing & overcoming challenges at work builds our endurance and confidence, plus the satisfaction for actual accomplishments help us to stay motivated 2) PERSISTENCE: To stay in the course of action.. without this, no matter what skills or […]

Masterclass on Telephone & Email Etiquet

It’s a Thriving Thursday! INTERACTIVE WEBINAR WITH ANSWERS FROM PARTICIPANTS: The foremost advantage of doing a live webinar is evidenced by these..and more! We are blessed for today’s attendees who came from different departments & representing various industries. We have seen them highly focused on video, un-mute & voice out their opinions & thoughts, and […]


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