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Certificates of Participation

Certificates of Participation

Blessed to be part of this. Thank you #AICIPhilippineChapter! We ❤ image consulting I Stand Out & Shine! Private Coaching. Corporate Training. Online Learning. CONTACT US at +63-917-8549887 or email #AICICertifiedImageProfessional #LicensedIITTIMasterTrainer #EnhanceYourImageTrainingConsultancy

Redefining Image In The Digital Age: A V...

Redefining Image In The Digital Age: A Virtual Conference Of The AICI Philippine Chapter

Borrowing from Robert H. Schuller, “Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation.” Want to be empowered by the movers and shakers of the image industry? This was evident after our recently concluded virtual conference entitled Redefining Image in the Digital Age last September 18th. Our seasoned image consultants at the conference were present namely: […]

Telephone & Email Etiquette Public Webin

Telephone & Email Etiquette Public Webinar

CONGRATULATIONS to Powermax PH for hosting this very successful public webinar today (125 pax total)! Cheers to all our attendees – great inputs, excellent participation, commitment to a better version of self Thank you Mr. Ren Espinosa for your trust. We look forward to many more ahead. God bless everyone! #TelephoneAndEmailEtiquette #PublicWebinar #SoftSkills