STOCK ON YOUR STAPLES. Every individual has footwear preferences – from design, color, comfort, structure, appearance & wearability function. DO NOT ever be caught with scruffy or worn out shoes or heels in need of repair. These will give out the message one is careless with appearance. People do look at the feet. Yesterday I bought these 2 basic pairs of black footwear. I have an affinity for ANKLE BOOTS as this is my go-to footwear when I’m in one of my most comfortable elements, sending the message that I’m ready for the busy day ahead. Another is the slip-on MULES with its 2″ heel it’s a practical choice when in a skirt, dress or even pant trousers. A reminder to all is to make sure your toes are well pedicured for any peep-toe style. Make your own statement!

What basic staple pairs do you have?