Jewel Neckline Blouse & Pedal Pusher Jeans

JEWEL NECKLINE BLOUSE & PEDAL PUSHER JEANS: A jewel or in my case textured neckline top is one that is rounded & without a collar..Pedal pushers are originally calf-length trousers of women that were popular during the 50’s and 60’s; they are often cuffed & work tight to the skin. Nowadays they got shorter to just above the knees (also referred to as ‘clam diggers’).

My sleeveless turquoise top with its built-in textured neckline provides the added interest to a rather plain blouse. Matching it with the white pedal pushers is easy, for a casual day yet looking polished. The beaded necklace & black structured handbag repeats the color of the neckline while the silver belt, chunky bangle & wedge completes. How Do I Look?