MAINTAINING LONG HAIR: No easy task this is, not the short nor the wash & wear type..Today I had my blue-black colour refreshing & hair spa treatment.

Doing the simple steps on a day to day basis ensures healthy locks for our crowing glory. My 3 C’s for Hair: 1) CLEANSE is the equivalent of shampoo, done daily & with the right amount diluted with water before you even pour it to the hair. 2) CONDITION and using a cream formula that you can easily rinse off helps big time. For those with combination hair, favor the middle to ends portion. Lastly 3) CUT. Have this done for women once every 6-8weeks for best style. Doing so will also keep the ends healthy & free of split ends.

MAINTENANCE PRODUCTS whether this be a spray formula for your type of hair, a masque for intensive treatment that you use once to twice a week, or a leave-on conditioner should also be considered. Replenishing supplies like the items I have below are a must. Selecting the right brands & specific formulas for my ‘fine textured, color-treated long hair’ is important. Love your locks & it will be obedient to the many styles you’ll be doing ahead! 😊