How do you maximize space & make your personal items fit?

My personal items ranging from clothes, accessories, bags & shoes used to be 4 floor-to-ceiling closets that were maxed out to 85% full. Today condominium living is my new normal – hence this one plus several overhead customized storage solutions.

My tips for making everything fit: 1) DONATE THE WARDROBE ORPHANS. If items have not been used for a year or so, one can always find better use & home to them by giving it away. 2) ORGANIZE ITEMS TO BE EASILY REACHED. It can be color coded arrangement from light to dark, using accessories organizers, maximizing the hanging areas etc. I’m learning to love the 3-step folding ladder bought last week to reach the high uppers. 3) KEEP EVERYTHING CLEAN & FREE OF CLUTTER. Remember where to store & keep all items. Tossing things anywhere won’t do good as items will pile up. Organization simply means ‘everything has its place!’. 😊