23 years of work. 8 months of documentation preparation. One 15 kg. binder equals this today. “It’s not luck, it’s God’s favor..From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another!” (John 1:16)

Happy to wake up today and receive the official announcement. THANK YOU for the privilege to learn, to teach & inspire. My heartfelt appreciation to John Robert Powers Int’l. Manila (I was with them for 16 years); ENHANCE YOUR IMAGE Training Consultancy clients from 2011 to present; to my peer evaluators Ferial Youakim, Kimberly Law & Delby P. Bragais  To all my mentors & colleagues in the industry, for your great examples I continue to learn and become better.

Looking forward to more contributions & positive collaborations ahead!

I Stand Out & Shine! I