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Blessed with our pilot run of “EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION & PRESENTATION” today! Cheers Powermax Consulting Group, Inc. 🍷 Thank you attendees for appreciating the value of soft skills ❤️

SHOWING PROOF OF LEARNING: Via the IITTI World Civility Index. What is this?

Point system that provides a consistent way for employees & trainees to measure Soft Skills.

This Index is somewhat similar to a person’s credit rating, but instead of measuring how well a person can pay his bills, it measures a person’s manners! Qualities like business etiquette, empathy, intercultural awareness. It is now a part of United Nations Sustainable Initiative and an emerging global standard.

The concept is that job-seekers & current employees can get the credential based on the World Civility Index, as proof, to show to employers and even their competition.

From an employer’s point of view, they get to raise company culture (at zero expenditure) simply by requesting job-applicants to have this credential, before coming on board.

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