Are we so busy doing work practicing our professions, pushing our bodies & minds to keep up with never-ending productivity.. that we forget the most valuable asset in the first place – OURSELVES.

SELF-CARE is not just an action or activity we do, rather a philosophy and a lifestyle. Recognize that we are worth our ⏰️.

Some questions:
❇️ Did you remember to ease off this week to unwind?
❇️ What were some of the smiling or laughing moments?
❇️ How much did you appreciate taking the day off to yourself?

SELF-CARE is a meaningful gift of love & appreciation. This can translate to different things for people – such a massage time at a spa, listening to a music playlist while sipping tea, taking a walk outdoors etc. The benefits that come from self-care will make us more alert, creative & inspired.




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