Companies, get something for nothing?!
Yes, companies can give preference to applicants with IITTI certificate. With zero expense, they get new hires with better soft skills.
Look at how Carolina Tan, AICI CIP, is educating companies like Autostrada Motore about how to take advantage of IITTI for free! An ROI of infinity!
– PATRICK CHUN, Executive Director (IITTI)

Just had to check our venue address for tomorrow so it will be a hassle-free driving. Looking forward meeting the team at this Makati office!

BUSINESS IS FOUGHT NOT ON QUALITY ALONE, BUT STANDARDS. What if different cars have different pedal arrangements? Can you imagine the chaos that will happen to drivers on the road? The car industry would never have bloomed if there were no standards!
ENHANCE YOUR IMAGE Training Consultancy has been working in collaboration with IITTI: International Soft Skills Standards & Testing since 2015.

THE GLOBAL STANDARDS ARE HIGH & IT HAS BEEN SET: Looking forward to Monday’s Lunch & Learn!