Did you go through this moment during kindergarten? I remember we did the spiel back then at private school Palawan Teachers College (now Palawan State University). How did you answer yours?

My answer to the spiel then was:

‘An international flight stewardess!’.. In 1996 after several screenings from close to a thousand applicants, written exams at a hotel ballroom & panel interview later, I finally was told CONGRATULATIONS You’re among the 10 chosen from Manila. That was for NORTHWEST Airlines (now Delta). Training to begin in a few weeks in Minneapolis, Minessota USA. That was February.

My ❤ chose a different path as I got married in June 1996 of that same year. Had my daughter in 1998. Annulled by year 2000. And the rest is history.

There are no wasted experiences. The path of life is colorful with victories & also challenges. The journey is well worth it & today 2019 I continue to claim #GodIsGoodAllTheTime!