ENCOURAGEMENT: This refers to the action of giving someone support & backing. My personal understanding and experience of the above can be summed up in 3 ways:

1) Encouragement is INSPIRATION!

The positive examples I see in another person makes me want to improve & be better. During my elementary days, I had a female teacher who is such a sight to behold – her patience, warmth & willingness to teach inside a classroom of noisy kids being composed and organized is one beautiful example of what it is to be a teacher. This came into play when I became an instructor for a personality development school & was asked to handle the kids group (tough). Thank you Mam Rebecca Solina!

2) Encouragement is PERSUASION!

When someone is able to influence me into their way of thinking and believing, there is great power there that will prompt me to action.. In 2005 I got into project selling for a high rise developer. Before that time, I never thought will be personally doing real estate sales – more like referrals & will be happy with the commission incentives. Little did I know that the 4 initial clients whom I’ve pre-screened to be qualified & physically brought to the site, didn’t end up purchasing. What went wrong? I didn’t know the project personally then, was not internalizing it, in other words wasn’t breathing & living it yet. Learning from a marketing man who’s approach is very hands-on, generous with knowledge & time to mentor meant a lot. Thank you Ino Lao! My icebreaker personal sale came 3weeks after, then a year later my Real Estate Broker’s License.

Lastly 3) Encouragement is LOVE IN ACTION!

Having a drive is one thing, being enthusiastic about it day in & day out is another. I’m blessed to have family members (though physically they are miles away) whose message is the first greeting I see every morning. Thank you dad Dr. Carlos Tan! What I appreciate most is that your daily messages always end with “Take care. Love you”. Yes, motivation can be done through words, sound of a voice & video chats (when you have clear wifi) 😊

‘Thank you’ to all the special people above. How will YOU encourage another person today?

I Stand Out & Shine! I