It’s always a blessed privilege for an image consultant to do a program, whether from our own end or through collaboration. The following batches proved to be such a wonderful group. THANK YOU to #CareerClinicSolutions for your trust.

Thank you for the introductions Ms. Elvie Tarrobal (Managing Director – Career Clinic Solutions)
We appreciate the opening remarks Ms. Emojean Zuniga
Group dynamics can be seen here as the participants strategize and discuss.
A breakout group with the ladies as they tap on the learnings doing WARDROBE Mix & Match 🙂
Our NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION activity gave this PCSO group an energy boost this morning! 💥
The 38 Participants from our 15th November PCSO Batch! THANK YOU everyone 🙂
POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS to start the morning session! 😊
VISUAL IMAGE: What is your body language & wardrobe saying about you?
Being real & honest with the comments to one another is a great start,

POSITIVE DYNAMICS can be clearly seen with the re-grouping of today’s batch. They’re now strategizing before doing the timed demonstration. So who will be the winning group among these 5?

What are the different areas of image management? First, let us meet our participants for today.
Thank you for your trust Ms. Elvie Tarrobal! Great meeting today’s batch of participants 😊

Wrapping the morning with an exercise on POSTURE & PRESENCE!

We wrapped the morning with an exercise on POSTURE & PRESENCE. Everyone were able to practice the different and impact from being imagebreaker to imagemaker!

WARDROBE: The message & function of appearance. What does yours say about you?

CONGRATULATIONS to our Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) participants who are well represented from the various areas of Luzon, Visayas & Mindanao! 😊

I Stand Out & Shine! I