What is WCI? A single number to show how much soft skills awareness a person has. It is a personal point system for cultivating soft skills such as business etiquette, empathy, intercultural awareness etc so that young people can show proof to their present or future employers.

ENHANCE YOUR IMAGE Training Consultancy is happy to share the announcement that IITTI World Civility Index is now a part of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

One of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, specifically Goal #8 Decent Work and Economic Growth, is to find meaningful, long-term employment for young people around the world. This is especially pressing in the age of artificial intelligence, block chain and computer automation where companies are needing less and less workers while employees retained are expected to have higher and higher soft skills such as business etiquette, empathy, and intercultural awareness. While at the same time, many young people are found to have lower soft skills over the last decade, mainly due to “screen time” in front of a computer or cellphone.

IITTI has proposed that through its ‘World Civility Index’, a universal soft skills measurement system can be adopted so that trainers, job-seekers as well as human resource managers can be all “on the same page”. Without such a standard, there is no measurement. Without measurement, there is no meaningful training. Without training, there is no improvement.

ENHANCE YOUR IMAGE Training Consultancy is happy to produce its pioneer batch of IITTI Business Level 1 trainees & exam passers last 31st August 2016. This has earned them their World Civility Index points that anyone can verify and check online.

How can a company or individual be IITTI-Recognized or be IITTI-Certified? The first step is to attend the training from a Licensed IITTI Master Instructor, do your personal review and sit in for the online exams. Once you pass, an official IITTI E-Certificate will be emailed that you can now print, share and brag about. CONGRATULATIONS!

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