HAPPY TO BE OF SERVICE: How would you like to learn practical video conference etiquette tips? How about elevating your overall online meeting experience? Today’s webinar was all about that.

The 3 Learning Outcomes we covered are: 1) To stay connected plus confidently navigate the world of virtual meetings thereby increasing our work productivity. 2) To ensure clearer communication between parties involved & make it easy for our clients to reach us. And 3) To be reminded that our image matters online to successfully convey a professional & credible brand.

Are you familiar with these terms today?
Doing webinars is not as easy as coming up with your ppt material. A lot of thought is put into ‘how it will be executed’ that will make the maximum impact to your audience.

A lot of us have apprehensions ranging from fear of digital technology to the how to’s of doing it right. More challenging than ever as people see and hear us – both via audio and video, hence there are no more excuses to fail. Using myself and our present area as the subject example, here are some of the slides from the presentation to learn practical tips from to make your current set-up advantageous to you and your career.

Plan your wardrobe the night before. Your appearance matters as people see you online!
Maximizing available space using the corner of a bedroom
Are you aware of the best camera height & positioning?
How you go about lighting spells disaster or success. Be in the right kind of light!
Having no make-up on or that ‘fresh face’ look is ok if you’re not facing an audience. And trying hard to use a virtual background without a green screen is ‘not cool’. Use your plain wall at the very least.
Sound blocking & Sound absorbing items were used today. No ring light? Not a problem as we used these 2 daylight desk lamps on each side, plus the bonus of having an overhead light. You’re wondering what the blue quilt fabric backdrop was for? Perfect in lieu of green screen for my virtual background 🙂

And an audio glitch was not a hindrance to finishing the session either. I appreciate your feedback and questions everyone. A big THANK YOU for the 102 participants who joined us this morning at Zoom & FB Live. Cheers #MegaworldCorporation!

This is an initiative from the LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT TEAMS of #MegaworldAtTheFort and #TheMactanNewtown.

I Stand Out & Shine! I