This makes certain types of tasks more preferable to others. For some, talents are specialized, such as gift for arts and music. For others, talents may be more generalized, such as leadership ability, negotiation skills or selling. But does it matter what your natural inclinations are? Can everyone learn skills and improve their over-all job performance?

Illustration borrowed from ‘The Highlands Company’

Though it’s appealing to think that “all it takes is a lot of practice”, the many factors behind superior performance are far more complicated than we think. The daily habits we keep doing over and over, and by the way, we may be sincere in this area but could be sincerely wrong. Peculiarity in doing things when not guided properly or adequately trained the right way will all amount to nothing if not result to a negative impression.

SKILL SET as defined in the Cambridge English Dictionary refers to “the range of things that someone is good at, especially things that are useful in a particular job.” This apparently has two classifications: 1) HARD SKILLS, are know-how that can be actively learned, measured and proven through qualifications or be demonstrating them. And 2) SOFT SKILLS, are interpersonal skills. These are the attributes, character traits, inherent social cues and communication abilities needed for a smooth performance of one’s career.

What People See Vs What They Don’t

According to research conducted by Harvard University, Carnegie Foundation, and Stanford Research Center – SOFT SKILLS are responsible for 85% of career successes, while only 15% is attributed to hard skills. Knowing this today, can we afford not to take this seriously?

Start striving to gain your unique competitive advantage. Times have changed and this is today’s reality and for many years to come. Have you considered working on your professional image? What about brushing up on your corporate etiquette? And equally important too is how are you communicating your company culture? The best investment you can make is that on YOURSELF! The exciting news is you don’t have to go through the dark alone. How to?

APPEARANCE, BEHAVIOUR & COMMUNICATION MODULES: KIDS Personality Development Program. TEENS Personal Development Program. ADULTS Image Enhancement.

We’re offering a full course package or option to have selective modules of your choice. There is a graduated proportion of information giving beginning with the Primary Level. This will be covering our three captured markets of Kids (6 – 12 y.o.), Teens (13 – 19 y.o.) and Adults (20 y.o. & up). Traditional classrooms are now being given the perfect complement via hybrid learning. Please visit, like, follow and share our FB Page:

Fit your mastery appreciation around your school, work and home life. F.I.G. Image Gateway’s Online Learning today takes centerstage! As we upskill ourselves, we are adapting and adjusting to today’s normal. Learning never stops and ends whether: 1) Wanting to get that 1st job or landing that dream career, 2) Being more well-rounded as an individual, 3) Facing a life transition, 4) Migrating to a new country, or 5) Simply upgrading your knowledge – filling up your time with productive soft skills training will always be a positive advantage that no one can take away from.

Online Learning or Distance Training is a friend of traditional education. F.I.G. Image Gateway offers the following 3-fold benefits: Adaptability & Freedom; Self-Inspiration; Our students & clients are able to save time and money.

Sharing the company’s Vision from the President & CEO Ms. Ruby C. Pacis: “F.I.G Image Gateway will be the premier training center that will bridge the gap between individual’s self-doubt and self-actualization through the development, self-appreciation and enhancement of Appearance, Behavior and Communication Skills resulting to Personal Excellence and Professional Advancement of 30,000 individuals by the end of May 2025.”

This goes hand-in-hand with the company’s Mission: We commit to promote programs that tackle holistic image development involving appearance, behavior and communications. We will employ top caliber trainers and module developers from different industries who can constantly adapt to international standards and requirements through research and participation in international training programs and partnership with recognized image gateways worldwide.

Our Company Values

GROWTH: We continue to learn and improve.
INTEGRITY: We honor our commitment and deliver our promises.
INNOVATION: We are curious, adventurous and creative.
COMPASSION: We observe, listen, understand and assist.
DRIVE: We aim for the best and not settle for merely what is “good enough.”
FAITH IN GOD: We honor GOD above all.

Thomas Jefferson says it best “If you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.”

*Carolina D. Tan, AICI CIP is happy to be the exclusive soft skills trainer of F.I.G. Image Gateway.