• How do you represent yourself & your business to customers superbly via telephone communication?
  • How do you seal your greeting, tone of voice, choice of words and close a call that ends positively with clients?

TELEPHONE ETIQUETTE refers to the way you use manners & tact to define yourself and the company you are standing for. How you communicate on the phone when people do not see you reflects on your professional image, and that in turn affects the competence of your organization. With proper training, you can be assured that information flows smoothly and precisely as it should be.

“TELEPHONE ETIQUETTE: DO’s, Don’ts, Tips & Tricks” is a must-take! The Top 3 reasons:

1) You are best equipped to represent your company and brand with excellence.
2) You are able to live & project a professional image and voice that customers will be drawn to.
3) You are able to achieve positive results and increase your client satisfaction rating.

“How a CALLER perceives their first interaction with your business is the basis for which they will forever think of your company. Make it a solid one!”

For more details: https://powermax.ph/product/telephone-etiquette-dos-and-donts/