Cheers to a safe & success-filled 2021!

Staying in & safe: The New Normal for the past year & who knows how long more ahead. A mix of all emotions ranging from peace, simple joy, anxiety, fear & uncertainty. Above all I continue to say THANK YOU LORD! Grateful to finish this year once again the chapters Genesis to Revelation (NIV Version) ❤ I will keep going & looking forward to the stories year 2021 holds. The last sentence of today’s devotion stands out to me: “If I want God to do the SUPER, I’ve got to do the NATURAL.”

“Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life.” (Psalms 143:8)


*Inspired by Pantone colors of the year for 2021 – ULTIMATE GRAY & ILLUMINATING – a combination of dull, familiar gray and the bright yellow of lemon skin 😊

I Stand Out & Shine! I