Borrowing from the words of Bill Gates, “Success today requires the agility and drive to constantly rethink, reinvigorate, react & reinvent”. When the timing is right everything flows smoothly and this day is no exception. Since the pandemic started last year, most businesses have revised their daily work routine and schemes for its work force. Today we have proven once again that the team that meets together grows together.

I took the liberty of taking this candid video while to maximize time while here at the HQ..

What a very impressive sight to see this “Wall Of Champions” 🙂 A big CONGRATULATIONS to these top producers!

And when a company has clear-cut goals set in place, the direction of growth is certainly up and beyond expectations 👍

Meeting with the Founder & Chairman is a comfortable chat for updates and plans for the company. We were joined by the EVP followed by the VP for Marketing & Training. Thank you for the warm Royale welcome!

With Mr. Ricardo S. Castañeda, Founder & Chairman of the Board; Erick F. Castañeda, Executive Vice President and Mike Tan, VP for Marketing & Training

And from here onwards we will let these photos speak for itself..

CDT at the back area while waiting for the intro..I can feel the energy in the room!
Mike Tan giving his enthusiastic welcome 🙂
I appreciate much that everyone kept their masks worn so that I can remove mine while doing this live presentation
Happily engaging with everyone, in the midst of social distancing
And we love hearing feedbacks & comments! Thank you Dan Silverio for sharing this video of Em 🙂
What a privilege being in photo with Royale Management & this team of Top Royalistas!
Acknowledging the presence of Top Royalistas who are joining us remotely from homes all over the country 🙂
With the other 27 online participants joining us via Zoom today 🙂 Thank you too!

“Every moment is a fresh beginning.” (T.S. Eliot). Looking forward to our Season 1 of Online Trainings as our pilot run begins this August!

*Carolina D. Tan, AICI CIP is happy to be the exclusive ROYALE Soft Skills Specialist