Today, the ECCP and its Women in Business Committee, in partnership with Eastern Communications and the AICI, is hosting “Leading in 2022 and Beyond”. This is a webinar geared towards finding solutions and providing safe spaces for women to share the challenges and experiences they have at work. We are joined by the following speakers: TeamAsia President and Founder Ms. Monette Iturralde-Hamlin, Certified Corporate Wellness Coach Ms. Carmie De Leon, and AICI Certified Image Professional Ms. Carolina Tan. The ECCP Women in Business Committee (WBC), since its establishment in 2015 have worked towards bringing together business leaders from the ECCP Membership and the wider business community, that aspire to deepen understanding of and participate in women empowerment and gender parity initiatives. Learn more about the committee here: #ChamberOfChoice #BrighterPossibilities


Cheers ECCP & Women In Business Committee! Thank you for sharing this LinkedIn post Mazel Salazar and for the invitation to do a mentoring session Jen Alava-Franciso. It was a happy Wednesday this week meeting everyone online! 😊

Carolina D. Tan, AICI CIP on image, interpersonal relationships & communication
Great meeting these wonderful women leaders online
With the ladies at our group mentoring session

Thank you to IITTI (International Soft Skills Standards & Testing) for today’s QR Code. Session attendees are given the privilege to earn their +1 WCI (World Civility Index) point/s. What is this? A single number to show the world how much soft skills awareness a person has.