This is Post #8 of a series of talks with veteran soft skills expert, Carolina Tan, AICI CIP and Licensed IITTI Master Instructor. This time giving advice on how to change people’s mind.

This is part of the IITTI “Activities” where you can earn one (1) World Civility Index point as part of your soft skills training which you can show to your employers as proof.

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What is World Civility Index?

This Index is somewhat similar to a person’s credit rating, but instead of measuring how well a person can pay his bills, it measures a person’s manners! Qualities like business etiquette, empathy, intercultural awareness.

The concept is that job-seekers can get the credential based on the World Civility Index, as proof, to show to employers everywhere.

From an employer’s point of view, they get to raise company culture simply by requesting job-applicants to have this credential, before coming on board.

In addition, having a neutral, third-party measurement for a company’s civility level can positively affect their ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) ratings.
(ESG ratings are important to financial analysts and investors in deciding which company to invest in.)

In other words, the “Index” can do good for the company culture, raise their ESG rating, and good for society at the same time. Killing three birds in one stone!