READY TO ACCELERATE 🏁: What a day filled with fun & new learnings! Thank you very much MBN for our 1st Brokers Masterclass conducted yesterday 10th March 2023. Your support and commitment inspires us real estate professionals to navigate our way to move #AboveAndBeyond

@McKinley Hill Information Center
Thank you MBN..Perfect gift for summer 2023 💥
Starting the morning on a positive tone with prayers 🙏
Thank you for our candid going to my chosen seat with a great vantage point
Having fun with the team games..

My personal take-aways: 1) F2F learning & networking with like-minded participants gives an added-boost of inspiration. 2) Better appreciation of our current projects as heard & absorbed from another perspective. Lastly 3) A personal reminder for me to keep adding value to marketing whether offline or digitally to attract qualified clients 😊

Accuracy is the name of the game! 😅
Thank you Cai Indina for the Project Knowledge Seminar (PKS) for 1) Park McKinley West 2) Uptown Arts Residence & 3) 9 Central Park 😀
Thank you Ryan Vaflor for sharing the “Real Estate’s Prospects & Opportunities in 2023” 👏
Thank you Ivan Dela Luna for your talk on the “5 Essential Trends for Building a Strong Personal Brand in the Digital Age” 👏
We ❤️ real estate!
Maraming Salamat for this MBN! ❤️ #AboveAndBeyond2023

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