Participants for the July 27, 2023 masterclass “PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT AND IMAGE MANAGEMENT” facilitated by Licensed IITTI Master Trainer, Ms. Carolina D. Tan, AICI CIP

It’s a Thriving Thursday! Ready for today’s webinar 😊
Candid moments during our tech run
Maraming Salamat POWERMAX PH for the continued support & excellent living of our soft skills programs!
The “WHY” for the participants as answered
Some life lessons learned along the way
What do employees value most @ the workplace?
And answers just keep pouring in
Would you rather be CHARMING or MAGNETIC?
Before every training session ends, participants will be given the chance to earn their +1 World Civility Index Point/s

Pundits are now suggesting a better way to save the world. The argument goes like this: It is only by honing on soft skills such as social etiquette, empathy, and intercultural awareness, the “little things”, that citizens can feel safe and respected in order to have the mental space to think about “bigger things”, such as sexual harassment, or climate change.

Simply having scientists advocating for change is not enough. It is only when the general population have the awareness (and the mental space), then the right politicians can be voted into office to set the right policy for climate change. Anything else less than this is just pure run around!

With the World Civility Index, starting on the little things, each of us can contribute. When you earn your individual World Civility Index points, these can be collected together with those from your fellow work buddies at your organization, and your organization can sum up to have an average score.

Different organizations can gather such scores as a country average score. A good country score can help promote tourism, foreign investment, and most importantly, be seen as a role model to inspire other countries in terms of effort towards a civil society.

Your personal effort directly affects your organization’s and your country’s reputation, directly affects the environment and world humanity. Everyone can contribute. Everyone counts! Details at

IITTI World Civility Index: Showing an actual sample – proof of learning – here from a webinar attendee..(L) how it looks like from your phone or laptop, (R) Selfie holding the phone, our signature gesture.

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