Years ago I personally could not comprehend the idea of having to buy a pre-owned vehicle for personal use. Times have changed. Having a 2nd hand vehicle has its benefits. For starters just make sure you know whom it came from, it’s best to take the word of a trustworthy person. Look for low mileage, as it is not the year or model of the vehicle that counts but the length of actual usage. Do whatever needs to be fixed. Things like repair of minor scratches, change of tint, meticulous removal of all stickers currently pasted on the front and rear windshields, having the inside of the car detailed & vacuumed, and having the engine washed will give it a cool clean appeal. What gives mine a “fresh new look” is making sure I have new leather seat covers installed plus adding a new transparent floor matting. To personalize your own, add touches such as your favorite air freshener scent, seat belt pads & headrest cushions. Lastly having a maintenance record for all the repairs and work done helps me to keep track of the current status condition, and know exactly the time frame when the next scheduled maintenance is due.