Thank you for the invitation to be your guest speaker Mr. William ‘Bill’ Sy-Quia III Daland

Glad to see that this group raised their hands when we asked our 2 compelling questions tonight: 1) Would you like to use the power of image to effectively brand yourself? 2) Would you like to positively connect with people and shape your organization, community & country for the better?

So how do we brand ourselves with the ABC’s of Appearance, Behavior & Communication?

To summarize these, we reminded everyone to assess themselves and be: AUTHENTIC in our appearance; BELIEVABLE in our behavior; And lastly, CONFIDENT in our communication 🙂

Towards the end of the session, this group was given a special QR Code courtesy of IITTI (International Soft Skills Standards & Testing). IITTI World Civility Index is a soft skills measurement standard, and is part of the United Nations Sustainable Development initiative. To know more, one can check out

Enumerating the work of an I.C. (Image Consultant) and how individuals, groups, and corporations can benefit from it will be easier shown as follows:

1.) PRIVATE COACHING: From face-to-face to online
2) CORPORATE TRAINING: From in-person to online 100%, yes it is possible!
3) ONLINE LEARNING: Whether in-haus programs, or publicly run programs by different organizers, this is now the new norm of training as it saves everyone time and is friendlier on the budget 🙂
We appreciate everyone’s attendance tonight. Thank you for your wonderful comments & questions!
Cheers & more power to this hardworking team! (RC Mandaluyong – Mother Club District 3800)
We are happy to be of service, thank you 🙂