Do you know that research has determined that spending just 1 – 2 hours a week dancing combines exercising the mind & body that improve our cognitive skills. This is important as we get older, increasing our ability to learn & retain new information.

Dance Fusion class improves our health! It’s never too late to learn this, embrace your body & the new skills that come with movements. 1) ✔️to CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH. This can help us reach our target heart rate without feeling like actually exercising. 2) ✔️ to BONE HEALTH. This is a great way to increase bone mass & prevent osteoporosis later in life. 3) ✔️ to INCREASED ENERGY LEVELS. This is an activity that can stimulate the production of good hormones like serotonin & lowers the cranky one like cortisol.

*From last week..Appreciating the commitment of everyone in this group ❤

(Slimmers World, SM Marikina)